6 Memorial Study Ideas

As we approach the Memorial of Jesus' Death, I’ve decided to take a step back from Instagram. I want to take this time to prepare my heart by reflecting on Jesus’ teachings and sacrifice.

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As we draw near to the Memorial of Jesus’s Death, I have decided to step back from Instagram @alla.lily throughout March. I want to take this time to prepare my heart by reflecting on Jesus’ teachings and his sacrifice and to ponder how I can follow his example by showing love and compassion to those around me.

One of the ways I like to prepare for this special occasion is to study about Jesus’ life and ministry. However, with so many study materials available about Jesus in the JW library, I sometimes feel overwhelmed what to focus on.

That’s why I choose only a few topics each year to study. In fact, I’ve come up with some study project ideas that I believe you will find helpful as you prepare for the Memorial, and I would be delighted to share them with you.

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Here are 6 Memorial Study Ideas:

1. Enjoy Life Forever

  • Lesson 15: Who Is Jesus?
  • Lesson 16: What Did Jesus Do While on Earth?
  • Lesson 17: What Is Jesus Like?
  • Lesson 27: How can Jesus’ Death Save us
  • Lesson 28: Show Appreciation for What Jehovah and Jesus Did for You

2. Morning Worship

  • Geoffrey W. Jackson: Jesus Fulfilled the Law 
  • Kenneth Flodin: ‘Jesus’ Yoke Is Kindly’
  • Harold Corkern: Imitate Jesus
  • Paul Gillies: Reflect Jehovah’s Personality by Imitating Jesus
  • Mark Noumair: He Used His Body to Honor Jehovah

3. Bible Teachings > Bible Questions Answered > Jesus

  • Why Did Jesus Die?
  • How Is Jesus’ Sacrifice “a Ransom for Many”?
  • Is Belief in Jesus Enough for Salvation?
  • Why Pray in Jesus’ Name?
  • Do Messianic Prophecies Prove That Jesus Was the Messiah?

4. The Watchtower – Study Edition

  • Imitate Jesus’ Humility and Tenderness
  • Imitate Jesus’ Courage and Discernment
  • Imitate Jesus and Remain at Peace
  • Imitate Jesus by Serving Others
  • Love One Another Intensely

5. Videos

  • Love—The Identifying Mark of a Disciple of Jesus
  • Imitate the Patience of Jesus
  • Be loyal as Jesus was
  • Be Loyal, as Jesus Was—When Tempted
  • Imitate Jesus’ Use of Power—Faithful Single Ones

6. Bible Verses Explained

  • John 3:16​—For God So Loved the World
  • Matthew 6:34​—Do Not Worry About Tomorrow
  • John 1:1​—In the Beginning Was the Word
  • John 15:13—Greater Love Has No One Than This
  • John 16:33​—I Have Overcome the World

Visit jw.org and type the title of the article or video in the search bar, and you’ll be able to find it. Enjoy your study and happy Memorial Season.

Please feel free to share your study ideas in the comments below.

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