Welcome to my blog! I’m Alla Lily, a sister who’s constantly striving to find balance in my spiritual, personal, and business life, and I love to reflect on my journey. So, come along and let’s explore together!

Starting a Business From Scratch: My Story with Printables

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I lost my job and started creating my first printables for the 2020 Always Rejoice Convention – that’s how Alla Lily was born.

I’ve always been interested in creating printables but never really had the time to dive into it. When I found myself without work, I finally had the opportunity to explore this area. Even though I had little experience with design, I was excited to see where this journey would take me.

Not long after, I opened my first e-commerce shop. I was selling printable stationery, colouring pages, and many other digital products, as well as stickers and postcards. However, I later decided to close the shop down in October 2023 and stick with Etsy instead, and focus on my pioneering.

The power of creative notes and how I transformed my spiritual study routine.

I used my free time not only to create printables for my shop but also to dive into my personal study.

I began incorporating art into my study sessions, particularly while studying my Daily Text. This not only helped me to be more engaged with my learning but also helped me to understand the material better and remember it more effectively.

My creative study sessions helped me to focus on spiritual matters, which was a great distraction during a tough time of isolation from my friends and social unrest in the world at that time. It felt therapeutic.

The Birth of the Daily Text Challenge

I began sharing my creative notes on Instagram, hoping to connect with others who share my passion for creativity. To my delight, my posts were well-received, and I received many positive comments and feedback.

In February 2021, I decided to host my very first Daily Text Challenge, inviting my followers to join me in creating and sharing their daily text notes. The response was incredible, and I was blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm of everyone who participated.

Since then, I have hosted several challenges, but the Daily Text Challenge remains your favourite. It has become an annual event that I look forward to doing every year, and I am excited to see how it continues to evolve in the future.

Transform Your Spiritual Study Routine with Daily Text Printables

When I created my first Daily Text Printables for the 2nd challenge, I could never have predicted how a small idea would turn into a monthly routine. These printables help many friends of all ages in transforming their spiritual study routines.

I now provide these printables completely free of charge on a monthly basis. They can be easily downloaded from the website dailytextprintables.com. These printables are a great resource that can help you on your spiritual and creative journey.

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