How I started making my Daily Text Notes

In this post, I wanted to share something that has brought me much joy during the pandemic.

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In this post, I wanted to share something that has brought me much joy and creativity during the pandemic – my Daily Text notes! I’m excited to tell you about how I got started with them, the supplies I used, and a Daily Text Challenge challenge I hosted.

I’ve actually already completed two Daily Text notebooks, and let me tell you about my very first one.

What kind of notebook did you use?

So, I bought a weekly undated planner online (probably from Amazon) to get my life together and plan my weeks. But unfortunately, just as I got it, the pandemic hit, and my plans went down the drain. I lost my job and had nothing to schedule.

Initially, I thought of using the planner as a creative outlet, maybe as a diary, to jot down my thoughts and play around with different mediums. But then, I started making daily notes for the Daily Text, and it was a game-changer. I’ve occasionally made creative notes before, but it was the first time I started making them for the Daily Text, and it was so much fun!

About the supplies I used for my Daily Text project.

At first, I just used what I had lying around the house – some coloured pens and pencils and a few washi tapes. But then I decided to try out some new mediums (like posca pens), and it was so much fun!

I started this project back in November 2020, which was already the 8th month of the pandemic. Doing this daily text thing was a really therapeutic process for me, both spiritually and creatively. It kept my head and hands busy and brought me so much joy playing around with all the different colours!

Where do you take your inspiration from?

When it comes to my notes, I like to keep things fun and colourful by adding simple doodles, blobs, dots, and lines and playing around with different lettering styles. Honestly, anyone can do this, and it’s super fun! But, if I ever find myself feeling uninspired, I like to hop on Pinterest to find some new ideas.

When working on my daily text, I sometimes have a specific image in mind. I turn to Pinterest to find corresponding images and tons of easy doodles in those cases. It’s always great to have a little inspiration to get those creative juices flowing!

Daily Text Challenge.

In February 2021, I decided to challenge myself and make my notes every day for this month. I wanted to be more regular with reading my daily text, fill my time with spiritual things, and deepen my relationship with Jehovah.

I thought making daily text notes with others would be fun and encouraging. So, I hosted my first challenge on Instagram @alla.lily and was surprised by the positive response. Many friends worldwide joined me, and we challenged ourselves to make Daily Text notes for the next 28 days. It turned out that many needed this spiritual boost during the pandemic. It was a fantastic experience and a great way to focus on spiritual matters in a creative way.

The challenge was such a hit that I decided to host another one in August of the same year. Since then, I have continued to host the challenge annually every February.


The pages in my first notebook are quite text-heavy and completely different from how I make my notes today. Nevertheless, this notebook proves that my note-taking style has changed and improved since then.

So, if you don’t like how your notes look now, don’t worry about this much. Just enjoy the process and be patient; they will improve.

Below, you’ll find my Daily Text notebook flip-through video. I hope it will encourage you to try making your notes. It’s not as complicated as you think. Making creative notes is fun and relaxing, but learning through fun can also help you memorize material better.

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