Explore Jehovah’s Word In a Fun and Creative Way With My Journaling Bundle

Embark on a joyful and creative study journey with my exclusive Journaling Bundle.

Last updated on April 26th, 2024 at 01:44 am

I believe everyone should have access to the joy of journaling, which is why I’ve created something special for journaling enthusiasts or those who are eager to embark on their journaling journey.

Are you ready to hear more?

Journaling is one of my favourite hobbies, and designing printable sheets for it is even better! I’ve created a ton of printables, but listing every item in my shop took too much time (that’s why I decided to close it back in October).

However, that didn’t stop me from creating more printables!

So, if you’re looking for a fun and creative way to explore Jehovah’s word, I’ve got just the thing for you! My Journaling Bundle comes with a bunch of colourful and inspiring printables that can help you kindle your creative spark and transform your study routine.

It’s a fantastic way to make your study time more enjoyable and engaging. Plus, you’ll receive free updates whenever I create new printable sheets without any subscription fees (updated few times in a year).

How awesome is that?!

Embark on a joyful and creative study journey with my exclusive Journaling Bundle.

Let’s make studying God’s Word a delightful experience together! Grab your bundle now and let the creative exploration begin!

In the bundle

Watchtower Study Articles
  1. Conquer Fear by Trusting in Jehovah (24/01)
  2. Let Mildness Be Your Strength (23/39)
  3. Improving the Quality of Our Prayers (23/20)
  4. Jehovah Will Help You Deal With Life’s Uncertainties (23/17)
  5. We Can Live Forever (22/49)
  6. You Can Find True Happiness (22/41)
  7. How To Set And Reach Spiritual Goals (22/18)
  8. Find Joy in Giving Jehovah Your Personal Best (22/16)

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