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"It's weird" - I thought when I saw study with me videos for the first time. I couldn't believe that people actually film themselves while studying. They don't speak, it's quiet, and it can be really long! What's the point?!?


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Well, today I am one of those people... I study and record myself.




Study with me videos are quiet study sessions with or without calm background music. After watching a few of these videos I noticed something interesting. It motivated me to study more. If it motivates me to study more that’s a good thing, I thought. If people study together in groups, why not have a virtual partner you can study with? All of the sudden it made sense! It's hard to explain but when I see someone is focused on their study, it helps me to stay focused.



Same with the study gram accounts. When I follow some of them and watch other people’s notes, desk space, and supplies that they use, it inspires me to pay more attention to my personal study.



“Study grams inspired me to share my own notes on Instagram. Also, “study with mevideos inspired me to show you how I create my own notes.





So, now that you know what study with me videos are, come and join me on You Tube. Then, you can study with me as I do the daily text. I hope I'll encourage you to stay motivated  :D

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JW study with me daily text

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