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Q & A - JW Challenge

07 Feb 2022 0 Comments

This article answers the most asked questions about JW challenges.


What is a JW challenge?

JW Challenge is a challenge where you take daily notes for a consecutive number of days. Challenge can be 7 days short, 21, or last for a month.

I encourage you to make creative notes using colours and learn through fun.



Is this an Instagram challenge?

Yes, it's an Instagram challenge, but you don't have to be on IG to participate. You can challenge yourself at the most convenient time for you and your own pace.


Why join the challenge?

To make reading scriptures a daily habit and learn more about our God Jehovah.

To get to know each other better and encourage each other and have fun.



Rules of daily text challenge.

Make it daily.

If you can't do it daily, do not pressure yourself. Even if you're able to do a couple of days a week, that's a good start! If you miss a day or more and have enough time to catch up, that's great. If not, still great.

Remember that taking part in the challenge is supposed to be an exciting experience! Something you want to do, not have to.


Can you show me examples of creative notes?




JW bible journaling notes


jw study notes by alla lily


What do I need to join the daily text challenge?

It would be best if you had a pen and notebook at least.

Use coloured pencils, markers or crayons if you'd like to be creative with your notes.

Have a look at my favourite supplies I like to use when making notes.


Can I make digital notes?

Yes. You can make notes digitally with your device or traditionally in your notebook.


What notebook do you recommend?

I can recommend notebooks with my designs.

I recommend sketchbooks like Talens Art or Moleskine Art collection with thick pages if you want to use wet mediums like markers or paints.


Do I have to have art skills to participate?

No, you don't have to be artistic to partake in the challenge. Your willingness is the most important here.


How do you stay motivated to write every day?

This is where Instagram is beneficial. It can be motivating and inspiring to see everyone else's contributions.

If your Instagram account is public and you use the hashtag #jwchallenge, your post will be visible to others.

We can encourage each other by leaving positive comments under the photos. This will help us stay motivated every day.

Only your friends will see your post/stories if you have a private account.


I don't have Instagram; can I still participate?

Of course! Everyone can. Invite family members or friends to join you. It's a fun way to share your progress.


How do you find time to do the challenge?

Taking part in the challenge is a commitment. And having a plan helps. Ask yourself how much time you can spend on the challenge daily?

If you feel like not having much time, perhaps reading the scripture daily and meditating on it will be enough - no need to make notes.

You can always make the challenge at your own pace and spread it out over more days.


When is the next Daily Text Challenge?

The challenge is an annual one and takes place in August.

If there are any unanswered questions, please leave them in the comment below.




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