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New Product Launch: Printable Soap Labels

22 Jun 2022 0 Comments

If you know me well, you know that the two things I like the most are good tea and handmade soap. And plants, of course (•‿•), but that's another story. 


Good tea is something I always love to gift to my friends. And with these printable tea bag wrappers you can turn an ordinary tea into an exceptional one.


What else makes a great gift? Of course, a bar of handmade soap always makes a fine gift. The scents used for natural soap can help one soothe the mind and body and improve mood through aromatherapy—a pack of goodies packed in a small bar. 


The size of one soap label is approx. 2x8". This length is enough to wrap even the most giant soap bar. There are 3 labels placed on one sheet (letter-size).

Print the labels on printer paper; print on card stock for extra sturdiness.



printable soap labels jw gifts




Whether you are looking for a gift for a convention, baptism, or pioneer friend, my new printable soap labels can add an extra touch to your gift bag. 


With these unique soap labels, the soap will never be the same, and your gift will be even more special. 


jw printable soap labels for pioneers





jw printable soap labels for 2022 year text







jw printable gift soap label for the 2022 convention pursue peace




jw printable gifts soap label 



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