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My Favourite Scripture Challenge

10 Feb 2022 0 Comments

I set up a new sketchbook for my favourite scriptures some time ago. After filling 2 pages, I thought it would be great to do it with others as a challenge.

So, here we go!

JW challenge by Alla Lily



Hi. I'm Alla Lily, and I've hosted 3 challenges on Instagram so far:

And it's time for another one!

Are you ready?

I hope so because I need your company.

So grab your notebook! This challenge will help you gather your favourite scriptures in one place.

For 21 days, I encourage you to meditate over the scriptures and make notes.

We'll start on Monday 14th, 2022.


It's more fun when everyone is on the same page. So I gathered the 21 most-liked scriptures from the Bible with the help of my newsletter subscribers.

Don't worry if you don't see your favourite one on the list. You can always add it after we finish the challenge or replace one from the list with the one you like more.

Continue adding your beloved bible verses in your notebook, and you will have a lovely collection of scriptures closest to your heart in one place.



Instagram Hashtag

Sharing your notes with others will help you stay accountable.

If you have a public account on Instagram and want to share your notes, include these hashtags:


It will be inspiring and motivating to see each other notes.

It will also be a fantastic experience participating in the challenge with the worldwide JW family.

What if you don't have Instagram? What do you need to join the challenge?

Check out these Q&A about the challenge.




jw challenge by alla lily



I prepared some extra printables for this challenge.

The cover and list of the 21 scriptures will help you track your progress. It's available in 4 different colours: beige, brown, pink and yellow.

You can get them for free on my Buy Me a Coffee page. English and Spanish versions are available.

You can also get 21 printable scriptures from my shop.

I hope you will join the challenge, friend!


Printable Scriptures for Bible Journaling for Jehovah's Witnesses




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