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My 2021 Daily Text Notebok flip-through video | JW

26 Aug 2022 0 Comments

Hello friends, and welcome to my second part of my 2021 Daily Text notebook flip-through.

In the first part, I talked about how my daily text notes journey started during the pandemic, where I took my inspiration, and what kind of notebook I used.

And in this part, I will quickly flip-through this notebook and chat about how I was making my notes.

This notebook is more diverse compared to my previous one. My last notebook was text-heavy. And when starting this one, I wanted to continue the same style, but with time, I was more into creating images. And I think the size of the pages influenced my approach to making notes differently. I also experimented with different mediums, and you will see how my style evolved.



What notebook did you use?

The brand is Moleskine. This particular one has thin pages, so if you mind bleeding through paper, this one may not be the best choice. The size is a pocket size of 3.5x5.5 inches. The pages are tiny, and I like it because I can fill them up quickly, and I find this size perfect for doing the text.


My favourite supplies I used

POSCA MARKERS → These are paint markers, and I use them quite often. The colours are bold, and they are fun and easy to use. What I like about them, especially the pastel set, is that all of these colours go well together. It's seven of them in the pack, and whatever combination of colours I use, they always look great. You can't go wrong with them.

COLOREDED PENCILS (Prismacolor) →  The colours are soooo juicy and vivid, and I love using them. One of my favourite mediums

GOUACHE PAINTS → I used this paint for the first time. Of course, I didn't know how to use them, but I was ready to experiment and discover this medium, and I mainly painted colourful patches to see how they worked. 
At some point, I enjoyed painting the pages thoroughly. I realized that making daily text in a creative, artistic way feels therapeutic for me. Especially during the pandemic, it was something positive and good to focus on.

STAMPS → they are always effective when comes to creative journaling.


There are pages I like more than others. You can see all of them, also notes from 2021 Daily Text Challenge.

I hope you will find the video inspiring to make your own notes creatively.
Alla Lily


JW daily text journal by Alla Lilyjw daily text notebook by alla lily

 Daily Text notes by Alla Lily JW

Creative Journaling for Jehovah's Witnesses by Alla Lily

JW study notebook by Alla Lily

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