How to print round labels


You will receive a printable test sheet with every purchase of round labels from my shop to print on the Avery 22807 labels 2". Try printing on this sheet so you don't use up your labels when preparing the template. You can test your template on this sheet to ensure your design aligns well with the edges. 




• Make sure the page/paper size is set for US letter size (8.5 x 11").

• Make sure the scale is set to 100% or that Actual Size is selected

• Ensure the sheets are placed in your printer snugly 




round labels by alla lily



  1. Open your file (I recommend Acrobat Reader, free software, for best printing results).
  2. Select only the first page to print the test sheet (image 1)
  3. Place the test sheet back onto the tray
  4. Select page 2 to print the design on the sheet (image 2)
  5. Hit print


how to print round jw labels alla lily


The design should cover the circle outline entirely (it will be a bit bigger than the circle itself). If the design is misaligned, try playing with your printer's setting. 


Please watch this video for more tips if you have trouble printing it.





jw round labels pursue peace convention



jw labels for the 2022 convention of Jehovah's Witnesses

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