How to print PDF file on a #10 envelope

Check your printer's manual first to see if it accepts envelopes, but most printers will allow you to print directly onto an envelope.


The dimension of the file is designed for envelope size #10 (landscape). If your envelope has other dimensions than this, the image may not fit.


 JW envelopes Pursue Peace 2022 convention



Open your PDF file (you can use the free software Adobe Reader). Go to the Print tab. It will open a print dialogue box. Go to the Page Setup.


alla lily's envelopes

In Paper Size tab choose the paper type as Envelope #10. Your printer must know the size of the paper you're using. 


alla lily printable envelops

Select orientation page to landscape.

how to print on the envelope landscape jw

Select the pages you want to print.


jw envelopes by alla lily Make sure that the design fit your envelope.


Click print. You will be prompted to load your envelope(s) into the tray.



jw envelopes pursue peace convention 2022 by alla lily




jw printable envelopes pursue peace convention JW



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JW envelopes Alla Lily

JW printable envelopes by Alla Lily

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