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Daily Text Challenge - February 2021

26 Jan 2021 31 Comments

 daily text challenge with Alla Lily

You can read updated article here.

Hello friend.

I am glad you are here. And since you are here I assume that you want to join the daily text challenge.

As you may know by now I love making creative study notes which I share on my Instagram. Doing notes this way helps me to relax. It’s a way for me to express my creative side. It’s fun and gives me joy.

Daily text notes is a small project which takes me up to 10 min a day. My goal is to make it daily but it hasn’t happened so far. I really would like to push myself a bit and try to make it a consistent habit of mine.

What is daily text challenge?

I decided to challenge myself in the month of February to do daily text notes each day. I want to get out of my comfort zone and build a new habit. But also to improve my creative side of note-taking.

JW daily text challenge


Why join the challenge?

Of course, I’d like to have fun making this challenge and I thought it would be nice to invite others who would benefit from it as well. And making this challenge with others will be fun for sure. We can encourage each other and get to know each other better, and learn more about our God Jehovah, what could be better? 


What do you need to join daily text challenge?

A pen and notebook as a minimum.

It’s really up to you what you want to use for your project. You can make it traditionally in your notebook, or digitally with your device. You can also write it down on a piece of paper. You can use watercolor paints, crayons, markers, color pencils. You name it. A dose of creativity will be useful.

Below you can see some of the supplies I personally like to use. Click here for full list of my favorite supplies.

my favorite note taking supplies




Rules of daily text challenge.

  1. Make it daily. You can just rewrite the whole daily text, write the main scripture or just one word which stands out for you. It all depends on how much time you have available and how creative you feel.
  2. If you won’t be able to do it daily do not put pressure on yourself (the pandemic is enough). Even if you’re able to do just a couple of days a week, that’s a good start!

Many of you ask me "where can I start"? Daily text notes is a good beginning.

Where I can find inspiration?

It's good to look at some inspiration especially when you just start with creative note taking. You you can find it here.

  • Study daily text with me on You Tube
  • #dailytextchallenge hashtag on Instagram. If you'd like to share your notes with others use the hashtag and all will be able to see it (unless you have a private account)
  • My Pinterest boards: study notes, daily text challenge (photos will be added daily, if you'd like to contribute to the board by adding your own photos from daily challenge, follow me on Pinterest and message me, or DM on Instagram).



I believe that this challenge is small enough to follow it and having you participate in it will motivate me as well. I want this challenge to be an enjoyable experience and I hope you will find it enjoyable also.

Do you think you can benefit from this challenge? Let me know in the comments or DM on Instagram.


With warm christian love,
Alla Lily







daily text challenge JW

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05 Aug 2021 Korto Kollie

This is going to be GREAT!!!🤩😁

05 Aug 2021 Cherie

I would love to join this challenge. I need to push my creativity to see if I can get it back. Doing the daily text like this will help me make my spiritual routine consistent. 🦋

05 Aug 2021 Patricia Miller

I would love to join the challenge again. It helps me be consistent when I join like minded sisters.

05 Aug 2021 Johanna Kirley

I’m really looking forward to this challenge. Thanks for the encouragement.

05 Aug 2021 Rosaia

So excited to be starting this new challenge in August. Help me keep testing, proving and readjusting my Engine (Godly Devotion) Brakes (Fear of Jehovah) and Horn (Proclamation of the Good news). Sharing thoughts with you for encouragement and to be encouraged.🙋‍♀️🤗💕

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