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Hello friend.

After a successful response to the Daily Text Challenge in February, I thought I'd like to continue it on regular basis. It was very encouraging to do this with sisters and brothers from around the world! It really adds to my feelings of unity.

If this is your first time here, Hi. I'm Alla Lily and I take creative notes. This way I can express my creative side. It’s fun and gives me joy. Moreover, it helps me to remember better.

Daily text notes is a small project which takes me up to 10-15 min a day. My goal is to make it daily but it hasn’t happened so far. I really would like to push myself a bit and try to make it a consistent habit of mine.

In this article, I will explain what the daily text challenge is and answer the most frequently asked questions.


JW daily text challenge



What is daily text challenge?

Daily Text Challenge is a challenge where you take creative daily text notes each day for a month. It can help you to build a new habit of reading and meditating on the text every day. But also it can help you to improve your creative side of note-taking.

Many of you ask me "How do I start making creative notes"? Daily Text Challenge is a good beginning.


Why join the challenge?

For fun. Making this challenge with others will be encouraging. We can get to know each other better, and learn more about our God Jehovah - what could be better?



Rules of daily text challenge.

  1. Make it daily.
  2. If you won’t be able to do it daily do not put pressure on yourself. Even if you’re able to do just a couple of days a week, that’s a good start! If you miss a day or more and have enough time to catch up, that's great. But don't pressure yourself. Remember that this challenge is supposed to be exciting! Something you want to do, not have to.


How can I join the challenge?

You just need to follow the daily text for the month of August from our JW library app and make notes. You can write the theme daily text scripture or supporting scriptures. You can even just write one word which stands out for you that day. It all depends on how much time you have in your hands. You can be creative with your notes or just keep it simple and minimal.


What do I need to join the daily text challenge?

A pen and notebook as a minimum.

It’s really up to you what you want to use for your project. You can make it traditionally in your notebook, or digitally with your device. You can use watercolor paints, crayons, markers, color pencils… you name it. A dose of creativity will be useful.

Have a look at my favorite supplies I like to use when making notes.


What kind of coloring pens do you recommend which don't bleed through the pages?

Well, all supplies I use (except colored pencils) bleed/ghost through the pages but I don't mind this happening. If it is something that bothers you I would recommend getting a notebook with thicker paper like Talens Art or Moleskine Art collection.

 [I may earn affiliate commission if you purchase something through recommended links.]

Do I have to have art skills to participate?

No, you don't have to be artistic to participate in the challenge. Your willingness is the most important here! And if you ever thought about making creative notes, this challenge may be a good start. 



How do you stay motivated to write every day?


This is where Instagram is very helpful. Have a look at the #dailytextchallenge hashtag and you will see many inspiring entries there. If your Instagram account is public and you use that hashtag your post will be visible to others. We can encourage each other by leaving some positive comments under the photos. This will help you to stay motivated and be creative with your notes every day. If your account is private only your friends will be able to see your notes.

You can also watch my weekly study with me daily text videos on my YouTube channel. Videos are prerecorded and you can watch them at a convenient time for you. This way you can have a virtual partner you can study with.



I don't have Instagram, can I still participate?

Of course! Everyone can do it. You can invite your family or friends to do it together. It's good to share your notes with others. Having others doing the challenge is a very motivating factor to do your own notes. If you don't have an Instagram account you can always have a look at my Pinterest board where you can find some inspiration.


Are you ready to join the daily text challenge? Let me know in the comments below (✿◡‿◡)




Daily Text Challenge JW study notes


  • Posted on by Rhonda Boyce

    I might give it a try. Love the idea!

  • Posted on by Linka

    This looks like fun! I’m going to try this month. I’ve done Inktober in the past and enjoyed it. I always tried to do a spiritual theme so this is right up my alley! See you on Instagram!

  • Posted on by Dawn Fesik

    I am ready. To do what I can😊

  • Posted on by Linda Carstens

    Yes I’m ready. Looking forward to it

  • Posted on by Grace Ellis

    Have been doing this for a while now and am really enjoying it. Would love to join in the challenge jut to know I’m doing it with others with the same mind set.

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