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Daily Text Challenge

30 Jul 2021 30 Comments

I'm happy to announce the 4th edition of the Daily Text Challenge.


If it's not you're first time joining the challenge, you know the drill: you can now download daily text printables (February 2023).


Please read below if you have yet to hear about the challenge and want to participate.



JW daily text challenge




What is Daily Text Challenge?

It's a challenge where you take creative daily text notes each day for a month. It can help you build a new habit of reading and meditating on the text daily. But also it can help you to improve your creative side of note-taking.


If you want to share your notes with others on Instagram and your account is public, use the hashtag #dailytextchallenge, and your post from the challenge will be visible to others (only your friends can see your notes if your account is private). 



Why join the challenge?

Making this challenge with others will be encouraging and fun. We can get to know each other better and learn more about our God, Jehovah - what could be better?



Rules of daily text challenge.

  1. Make it daily.
  2. If you aren't able to do it daily, do not put pressure on yourself. Even if you can do just a few days a week, that's a good start! 


Remember that this challenge is supposed to be exciting! Something you want to do, not have to.



How can I join the challenge?

You need to follow the February daily text from our JW library app and make notes. You can write the theme daily text scripture or supporting scriptures. You can even write one word which stands out for you that day. You can be creative with your notes or keep them simple and minimal.



What do I need to join the daily text challenge?

You can use watercolour paints, crayons, markers, or coloured pencils. What you want to use for your project and what medium you feel comfortable with is up to you. You can make notes traditionally in your notebook or digitally with your device. 



Do I have to have art skills to participate?

You don't have to be artistic to participate in the challenge. Your readiness is the most important here! And if you have ever thought about making creative notes, this challenge may be a good start. 


If you need inspiration, check out the #dailytextchallenge hashtag on Instagram or my Pinterest board with my daily text notes. 




I don't have Instagram. Can I still participate?

Of course, everyone can! You can invite your family or friends to do it together. 


Are you ready to join the Daily Text Challenge? Let me know in the comments below.


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24 Aug 2022 Connie
Is the printable for August Daily Text still available for free download?
24 Aug 2022 Cecillia Salone
Thanks for the spiritual challenge sis. I’m looking forward
24 Aug 2022 Leah
This is my first time joining the challenge. I’m looking forward to it, reading everyone’s notes, and seeing how much my study routine grows. I’m glad I found you on IG.
24 Aug 2022 Bonnie
Im looking forward to this challenge. It will be helpful and encouraging.
21 Jul 2022 Emma
Hi Sis!

I did this last time you did it! It was great fun and I loved it! Xx

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